About Us

For more then 25 years we have been involved with event publishing worldwide. During that time frame the transition from print to digital platforms has evolved dramatically. We launched our first digital interface, alongside the hard copy printed version of the tournament programme for the PGA TOUR during the 2001 Accenture World Match Play event in California. Since then we have worked with numerous sporting bodies to produce a variety of applications in both digital and printed media to enrich the spectator experience. The moment mobile phones were allowed into sporting venues and events they instantly became an information tool. For the past six years we have provided a variety of digital spectator guides and now we have evolved initiatives further by introducing CONTACTLESS MEDIA.

What is contactless media?

With social distancing becoming part of our everyday life, Contactless Media enables spectators at sporting events to directly download tournament guides and information from a safe and controlled distance and enviraments. Using a QR scanner, or direct link, you are able to download the guides without going through Apple Store or Google Play. The benefit of Contactless Media is not merely the simplicity of the download process but the platform itself. Our platform is designed primarily for mobile phone use, ensuring the content is push activated and user friendly. It is packed with a host of technical features to bring the publications to life, using videos, animation and interactive informative content.


The ability to provide a spectator experience for TV and online viewers. Due the current global restrictions many events are being played behind closed doors. With Contactless Media you will be able to watch the events on TV while being able to read and interact with the event programme from the comfort of your own home. It also provides a digital keepsake and souvenir that helps keep fans involved in the events.
With a variety of advertising options from videos to interactive banner space you will be able to sell commercial benefits to event sponsors and advertisers. The potential wider audience would provide an increased benefit in terms of numbers reached, compared to event gate audiences.
The environmental impact and cost-saving of not having to print the guide would reduce the overall expense and increase the profitability.
Contactless Media has been designed to integrate into existing apps. So organisations and events that currently have their own apps, Contactless Media can provide a direct link, enabling it to be integrated into established APPs and websites.


Either scan the QR code or input the direct link be into your web browser:


Turn Key Solution

We can provide a one-stop publishing service for your event, or we can work alongside your existing publisher to
convert existing titles into a Contactless format.